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Video gameplay:


Basic models
17" Screen
Computer Hyperspin with 8,000 games 24 consoles
Heavy duty buttons and joysticks (no leds)
Over 30 designs to choose from (no custom graphics)
Light up marquee
Computer: 160 DD 1 GB Ram + 2 Core Processor


Emulator list: * Hacked Arcade games * Arcade Cabinet * Pop Cap * Dragon Ball Z HD Collection * Atari 7800 * X-Box 360 * Atari 5200 * Game Boy Color * Game Boy Advance * Jaguar * Linx * Sega Master System * Sega Mega CD * Sega M2 * Arcade Classics * Neo Geo Pocket * Nintendo * Nintendo 64 * Playstation * Sega Genesis * Sega 32X * Game Gear * Super Nintendo * Turbo Turbo Grafx 16


Machine Description:

This machine is 100% BRAND NEW and comes with the theme and artwork of your choosing, you can totally customize it to even the color on the joysticks, buttons, leds, size of the screen, your imagination is the limit, choose from our wide selection of models or send us your own design. We use 17 to 21" monitors. BRAND NEW BOARD, CONTROLS, JOYSTICK, BUTTONS, WIRING HARNESS, AND MORE! EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW DOWN TO THE GRAPHICS!

This machine is set up for free play but can be set-up to accept quarters for an extra $100. All you have to do is plug it in to your home outlet and start playing! Marquee lights up. We offer more models and themes, for more options check out our other products.


All of our arcades are custom made and hand built, guaranteed and tested prior to sending.



24 X 22 X 18

Weight: 58 Lbs

17" to 21"Screen


Custom made to order 4 to 6 weeks


Message ðŸ’» or call ðŸ“² us for more models 

RetroBoy Arcades ðŸ˜ŽðŸ•¹

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17” Bartop Arcade (30 designs to choose from), with 8,000 games 24 consoles

SKU: 0001
  • You can choose any of our 30 designs from the ones listed above, no custom design available.
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