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And for all of you Mario & Luigi fans....
“SUPER MARIO BROS” 2 Player Full Size Arcade Machine with Hyperspin

BRAND NEW2 PLAYER ARCADE MACHINES, RETROBOY CUSTOM MADE ARCADE MACHINES, Free Play ONLY, 17,500 Games loaded with Hyperspin and over 50 consoles! Wow!
I dont have a complete list yet as it will take a lot oftime to list all of them but here are all of the consoles it includes:
Supported Gaming Systems
Amstrad CPC • Apple II • Atari 2600 • Atari 5200 • Atari7800 • Atari Jaguar • Atari Lynx • Atari ST, STE, TT, Falcon •CoCo • Commodore Amiga • Commodore 64 • Dragon 32 • FinalBurn Alpha •Intellivision • Macintosh• Mame2003 • Mame-Libretro • Mame-Mame4All • MSX• Neo Geo • Neo Geo Pocket • Neo Geo PocketColor • Nintendo Entertainment System • Super NintendoEntertainment SystemNintendo • Nintendo Famicom Disk System •Nintendo Virtual Boy • Nintendo Game Boy • Nintendo Game BoyAdvance • Nintendo Game Boy Color • Nintendo 64 •Nintendo DS • Oric/Atmos • Panasonic 3do • PC DOSBox • PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 •ScummVM • Sega MasterSystem • SegaGenesis/Megadrive • Sega Game Gear • Sega32X • Sega CD • Sega Dreamcast • Sega Saturn • SegaSG•1000 • Sony PlayStation 1 • Sony PSP • TI-99/4A • TRS-80• Vectrex • Videopac/Odyssey2 • WonderSwan • WonderSwan Color •Zmachine • ZX Spectrum
And at least 2,957 Mame Arcade Games!

Machine Description: This machine is 100% BRAND NEW and comes with Original art work of your choosing. It has a brand new 19" LCD monitor We added a BRAND NEW BOARD, CONTROLS, JOYSTICK, BUTTONS, WIRING HARNESS, AND MORE! EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW DOWN TO THE GRAPHICS! This machine is set up for free play but can be set-up to accept quarters for an extra $60. All you have to do is plug it in to your home outlet and start playing! Marquee lights up.We offer more models and themes, for more options check out our other auctions.
This ain’t your average Pandora’s Box or Raspberry Pi set up, this is a full high performance PC inside that runs 10X faster than any Raspberry Pi out there.
Flawless gameplay, no lag and high level of customization is what separates us from the rest. All of our arcades are custom made and hand built, guaranteed and tested prior to sending.

19”/21" Screen
60 X 24 X 24”
Weight: 95 Lbs

19" $1,300 dlls

21" $1,400 dlls

Custom Made To Order

We can pretty much make any model, any theme, any design.
You can choose from screen size, theme, buttons, regular or leds, joysticks, light up marquee, even the button layout for the most gamer demanding, your imagination is the limit. We have over 36 different designs to choose from or you can send your own to make it come alive

Coin Mechanism can also be added for an additional $60 dlls
Or if desired can be left “free play” mode

Message or call us for more models
RetroBoy Arcades
(956) 898-8223
(956) 413-6311

We ship all over the US

Check us out and like us on Facebook for more models and promotions.
We can build any model, any theme, any design.

RetroBoy Arcades






Phone: (956) 898-8223



Custom made to order 6 to 10 weeks

2 Player Full Size Arcade Machine Super Mario, 17,500 Games, Hyperspin

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