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2 Player Pi Stick now upgraded to 16,000 games & 30 consoles! 😱🎮

RetroBoy Arcades is now proud to introduce our new Basic 2 Player Pi Stick line up!


2 Player  Pi Stick loaded with Raspberry Pi 4
64 GB
16,000 games & 30 consoles included

Made of high quality MDF and HD Resolution Vinyls with added clear coat for maximum protection.
Various designs to choose from, no customization or led buttons.


Favorite Games Folder
All Games Folder

We don’t make a full game list as this will take a lot of time but here we have all the consoles included in your Pi Sticks:
1. All Games Folder
2. Arcade Classics
3. Favorites
4. Amstrad
6. Atari 2600
7. Atari 5200
8. Wonder Swan
9. Wonder Swan Color
10. Final Burn Alpha
11. Intellivision
12. PC Engine
13. PC Engine CD Rom
14. Super Grafx
15. Nintendo 64
16. Nintendo Entertainment System
17. Game & Watch
18. Game Boy Advance
19. Game Boy Color
20. Super Nintendo
21. Virtual Boy
22. Sega 32X
23. Sega Genesis
24. Sega Master System
25. Sega Mega Drive
26. Sega SG-1000
27. Neo Geo
28. Neo Geo Pocket
29. Neo Geo Pocket Color
30. Playstation


No need to download anything, just plug and play, relive your best childhood arcade dreams with this awesome device, connect it to any HD TV or projector and you’re ready to have the best time of your life. Play with friends for ultimate one on one combat.


$330 dlls
I build to order.


Any Questions, email me and I'll get back to you!!
We guarantee your 100% satisfaction on all our product Our goals are your 100% satisfaction, your repeat business and your positive feedback.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product and service.


We can build any model, any theme, any design. 

Free Shipping! 😎🕹📦✈️


Message 💻 or call 📲 us for more models 
RetroBoy Arcades 😎🕹
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📸 Instagram: retroboy_arcades

Marvel VS Capcom II, 2 Player Pi Stick with 16,000 games

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