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Nintendo Cartridge Gaming Console


Video gameplay:


“Custom Made Nintendo Cartridge Gaming Console” with 8,000 games on Raspberry Pi Zero W, ready to play, just plug and play, no downloads, or button mapping.”

3 different models to chose from! 😱🎮

The elegant, iconic design of the NES cartridge tickles a nostalgic part of our brains. For many, its shape and feel MEANS 8-bit gaming to us. For this reason, what better object to repurpose as an all-in-one console case for your own old school game machine?

Nintendo Cartridge Gaming Console
with Raspberry Pi Zero W Fully loaded 32GB Retropie Ready To Play.
Wireless Controller Included 🎮

$199 dlls
Free shipping included

Message or call us for more models
RetroBoy Arcades 😎🕹
(956) 898-8223
(956) 413-6311

We ship all over the US 📦🇺🇸

Check us out and like us on Facebook for more models and promotions.
We can build any model, any theme, any design.

RetroBoy Arcades
Phone: (956) 898-8223
Instagram: retroboy_arcades

Nintendo Cartridge Gaming Console with 8,000 games on Raspberry Pi Zero W

$199.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price

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