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Video gameplay:


“SELFISH BOY” Maximus Arcade on PC 16” screen 200 GB 8,000 games 8 button layout for PS1 and N64 games 12 Consoles * Game Boy Color * Nintendo 64 * Sega Master System * Sega Genesis * Sega 32X * Kawaks (CPS-1, CPS-2 & Neo Geo) * Capcom CPS 3 * MAME * Neo Geo * Sony Playstation * Nintendo * Super Nintendo We ship all over the US 📦🇺🇸 Check us out and like us on Facebook for more models and promotions.We can build any model, any theme, any design.Message or call us for more modelsRetroBoy Arcades 😎🕹(956) 898-8223(956) 413-6311Facebook: Channel: Email: Custom made to order 3 to 5 weeks

SELFISH BOY Super Mario Bros. Arcade Machine with 12000 Games

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