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“24” Super Mario Bros 3 RetroWallCade”


RetroBoy Arcades is now proud to introduce our new RetroWallCade Line up!


We've all dreamed of having our own Arcade machine in our basement, but we can't all fit a 300lb Arcade Cabinet that plays only one game in our houses and apartments.

Our RetroWallcade unit features an original, unique design. Technology is slimming down, and owning an arcade machine should not be limited to those who have the space for such behemoths. We wanted something attractive and functional for people with small apartments and thus very limited space, and came up with this great cabinet. Our unit can of course  be a wall arcade, or a tabletop or bartop arcade, and is made to give a great arcade experience while being more practical in terms of space and attractiveness.


* 22" to 32” LED Monitor

* 2-Player setup - 2 Joysticks, 20 buttons. Each player has a Joystick, 6 action buttons, a simulated coin insert button, and a start button

* LED Button option - Make the ultimate party machine with glowing LED buttons Plays all the classics - Plays most games from Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx, Neo Geo, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Arcade, and more!

* Custom Graphics Theme choices - Choose from one of our many great original designs for our units or offer an option for custom graphics designs if you want something unique.

* ~45 LBS - 34Hx24Wx15D (base) - No more 300lb monsters! This is just heavy enough to stay put but light enough to hang on a single stud. Included wall mount bracket included (rated up to 200lbs)

* Save Anywhere, Anytime! - We include dedicated Save and Load buttons on the joypanel which allow you to save your place in almost every game on the system. You can turn off the power and come back another day and load right where you left off. Imagine the possibilities of a save anywhere ability!

* Low-Power Fanless Mini-Computer - We use an internal computer system that uses such little power. it can be powered from a usb port! It makes no noise, but is still powerful enough to run all the games on the system as they ran on their original systems. 

* Intuitive Menu System and Gameplay - Literally Plug and Play. When the system powers up, you are greeted with a system selection screen. Choose your system with the joystick and buttons, then choose your game. It couldn't be simpler!


22” RetroWallCade with 18,500 games & 56 consoles - $1,099.99 dlls

24” RetroWallCade with 36,000 games & 80 consoles - $1,199.99 dlls

32” RetroWallCade with 36,000 games & 80 consoles - $1,299.99 dlls


We guarantee your 100% satisfaction on all our product Our goals are your 100% satisfaction, your repeat business and your positive feedback.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product and service.Message or call us for more models


RetroBoy Arcades 

(956) 413-6311


We can build any model, any theme, any design.


RetroBoy Arcades



Phone: (956) 898-8223



Instagram: retroboy_arcades

Super Mario Bros 3 RetroWallCade with 36,000 games

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