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(Portable Arcade Machine built inside a briefcase)


Now you can relive your glory days with this new custom made “BRIEF-CADE” (Portable Arcade Machine built inside a briefcase)

No room, no space? No problem! We’ve solved that issue for you, you can practically take this anywhere and enjoy your old time classics; no additional roms or difficult and tedious set up to do, just plug it to your A/C, turn it on and your transported back into Arcade dream land.


Made out of real wood, leather like vinyl & a full working PC, (no raspberry Pi here) you can have the guarantee your games will run as smooth as butter.


You can choose between the standard 10” screen or a whopping 16” for those gamer enthusiasts, a one player option is standard, but a 2 player can also be offered.


A great conversation starter any where you go, no one will suspect you are carrying a full Arcade Machine inside a briefcase; stylish & portable for those who are looking for a real Arcade experience but don’t have the time or space.


Play this at the office (at your own risk) hahaaa, family gatherings, parties or at the comfort of your own home.


Already loaded up with over 12,000 games, we don’t make a full game list as this will take a lot of time but here we have all the consoles included in your BRIEF-CADE:


* Lightgun * Commodore Amiga 600 * Amstrad * Apple II * Apple II GS * Atari 2600 * Atari 5200 * Atari 7800 * Atari 800 * Commodore 64 * Coleco Vision * Final Burn Alpha * Game Gear * Game Boy * Game Boy Advance * Game Boy Color * GX 4000 * Intellivision * LINX * MAME * Sega Master System * Sega Genesis * MSX * MSX 2+ * Nintendo 64 * Neo Geo System * NIntendo Entertainment System * Oric * Turbo GraFX 16 * Pokemon Mini * Ports * Scumm VM * SG-1000 * Super Nintendo Entertainment System * Solarus * Thomson * Tic 80 Tiny Computer * Vectrex * Sinclair * Favorites Folder


Specs: PC - Atom Processor, 1 GB Ram, 32 to 64 GB Hard Drive depending on model 14 X 11 X 4.5” 17 lbs


10” One Player 32GB - 12,000 games on Batocera & 40 consoles: $450 dlls 💵

16” 2 Player (wireless dongle) 64 GB - 18,500 games and 56 consoles included: $599 dlls 💵


Free Shipping included 📦✈️


Message or call us for more models

RetroBoy Arcades 😎🕹

(956) 898-8223 (956) 413-6311


YouTube Channel:


Instagram: retroboy_arcades

The BRIEF-CADE (Portable Arcade Machine built inside a briefcase)

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